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Battle of Blitzkreig ! BMW M3 08' vs. LT1 WS6 96'

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Battle of Blitzkreig ! BMW M3 08' vs. LT1 WS6 96'

Well, Tonight Germany sent one of it's foot soldiers to do its bidding on a un-suspecting Detroit V8. There was 2 or 3 shots fired over the bow the LT1 before I decided enough was enough

It starts as simply as a quick fly by on my left from a( I notice some angel eyes and bulge in the front hood coming fast) 2008 White M3 (6 spd). He comes past me and jumps in front of my spot coming to the stop-light. I immediately decide this is something I'm going to have to stick my fingers into and test it's temperature. I crack the throttle just a little bit to let him know I'm in for sure. We both take off from the light and jockey around for position (this goes on for about a mile or two) not being able to completely line-up. He gooses it 3 or 4 times during this little serenade between the two cars. I get up next to his window in second gear and let of a healthy rev to see if the Corsa exhaust would back him down at all. To no avail he decides that is all the more reason to bring out the heavy artillery ( all 420hp @ 8300 rpm's, 6spd ). We finally get a stretch of road that is 3 lanes across and nobody in front of us. Both cars pull down a gear or two and I'm in 2nd @ 3800 rpm's (a little bit high for a 4:11 geared LTx car), but oh well I want to see what happens by giving the M3 every advantage. He rolls his window down and says you want to go, "Yes" I respond, "on 3 honks" and I let him do the 3 honks, set the RPM (I'm assuming he was in the 5,000 rpm range, it was revving pretty good), and take the hit. Beep, Beep, Beep......

Bang the M3 explodes like it was defecting across the border to the US! He gets a slight jump on me from the hit my nose started at the center of his front wheel and by the time I actually jumped on the gas all the way my nose was at his rear bumper. We both work through 2nd gear the LTx pulls up to the middle of his rear tire by 6100 in 2nd gear. I powershift 3rd and the car grabs a little scratch (it's running healthy tonight, thank god..) and the climb to the top of 3rd progresses. From 5,000 to 6000 rpm's I'm just barely clawing my way back on the fiendish German bruiser. I think I only made up about 3ft through 3rd gear, just inching and clawing my way up to the middle of the door. We both jam on the brakes hard and slow it down considering how fast we were going. He pulls up next to me and says, "damn, that thing runs" I responded with "Yours does too". Both of us received the compliments well.

At the next light were the first two cars and he asks me if I want to go from a roll, I say are you sure ( knowing a LTx with 4:11's BFG's and all the bolt-ons is going to be a handful for a small liter V8 from a 1st gear roll), yes.
Light turns green, we roll out in first. I'm probably at 3k rpm's (perfect in my opinion) and he is ready, beep, beep, beep....He takes a slight hit again, but I hit it almost at the same time and the LTx digs deeps and starts to punish almost immediately by the top of 1st @ 6200. My tail is already a fender in front of him and I smash 2nd gear and put almost a full car on him by 5,000 rpm's and I see his nose drop and I get out of it. He pulls backup and says you got me, but I want to go from a dig. I respond with " are you serious ", thinking the 315 BFG's are nice and sticky at this point and definitely want to do some street launches.

Next light, I bring my revs up to 3800 rpm's and he brings his up to some octave much higher than mine (I'm guessing about 5,500 rpms ? ). Light goes green we both come out about even, I start pedal managing the slippery street to get the drag radials to bite and POW ! there hooked at 4k rpm's and my foot is through the foglight ! Immediately the LTx dishes out a grunt of TORQUE and moves me about a 1/2 car length in front of the M3 at the top of 1st gear, rip 2nd and I really start moving on him, then I notice his nose go down again and I get out of it. We pull up to HGWY 75 and he simply says " that is one mean running LS1, how much power is it making ". I have to chuckle to myself internally and respond " It's a full bolt-on LT1 car ". The look on his face was priceless, he said nice running car and I responded with " That is a killer looking M3 ! ". We both gave up props and went our separate ways. I decided the bird deserved a nice evening curled up in the garage, home I went.

Hope you enjoyed the tales from D-town.
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