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Re-instate original fine? True of False?

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Re-instate original fine? True of False?

OK.. so I got nabbed on hwy 11 south of North Bay for doing 120 in a 100 zone as I was passing someone uphill since they kept slowing the hell down. ( but the cop says I was doing 125 ) and he crossed out the 125 on the ticket and put 114 above it. ( I'm guessin as a reminder and or scare tactic )

Its a $50 fine with no demerit points which I'm ok with.. but unfortunetly this would be my 3rd ticket in 4 years.

I was told that if I fight and lost in court.. they could bring the original charge back onto me ( which now then would be a higher fine and obviously demerit points ) Is that true?

It was a radar trap or laser that they have setup at the bottom of a grated hill.. i'm guessing that excuse no longer works in court anymore does it?

Secondly.. I don't remember how the officer looks like now.. how would I recognize him in court? ( Will he approach me prior to the case? ) And if he does show up in court.. do I just plead guilty and walk out to pay the fine? Or do I just leave and pay the fine on my way out and not wait for my trial?


My uncle was tailing me also.. and he was also nabbed.. how are they able to recalibrate the radar/lidar/laser that quick to catch us both back to back? He can only assume one of us is going that quick and the other being so close that they must be doing the same? So would that mean at least one of us could at least get off the charge?

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I've wondered about this as well.
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If you're going to plead guilty why would you go to court?

I don't see how they could bring back the original fine- the tickets marked at 114, so that's how fast you were going.
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It is true that when you go to court to fight a ticket if the police officer reduced it for you on the scene then you will be fighting the original charge. Not the reduced charge. There is a spot on the ticket that the office is supposed to mark with the letter "R" if the ticket was reduced on the scene.

You should fight every ticket no matter how small if you don't want it on your record. When you go to court you'll see that there are many many people who go and simply plead guilty and pay the fine at the same time. They do this because there's always a chance the office won't show up and then the ticket will be thrown out.
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The best thing I would suggest doing is booking a court date and then prior to your court date you can request to meet with the prosecutor. In doing so they can have the demerit points removed, and also possibly have the fines reduced if you explain to them that your in financial difficulties. The conviction will still stand and your insurance company will know about the ticket, but you can atleast save the demerit points and fines. My friend actually had his conviction changed from, "Running a stop sign" to an "Improper stop at a stop sign" and this resulted in his insurance not being effected.. it's always a good idea to fight a ticket in any way you can.
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