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Thought on my Speeding Ticket

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Thought on my Speeding Ticket

So today I was coming home from Oshawa, down the 115 towards Peterborough. I came around a bend doing 115-120 km in the fast lane, my guess is the cop had his radar gun on me when i came around the corner, he was about 3/4's of a kilometer up the hill. A few second later i checked my rear view mirror and some girl was right on my bumper. I figured I should get into the slow lane to let this girl get past me so i hit my brakes and signaled into the slow lane. The car in the slow lane was doing about 90 km, as the girl flew past me(obviously not seeing the cop) i pulled back out into the fast lane behind her to pass the slow moving vehicle. I got past the slow car then pulled back into the slow lane. Right when i got back into my lane I passed the cop sitting in the U-Turn area for authorized vehicles. When i got past him i looked in my mirror and the cop was pulling out, he came up behind me for a second then flew past me to catch the girl(who still didn't slow down) it took him a minute to catch up with her. When he finally got her pulled over and to a dead stop i was just approaching them (i was in the fast lane) when the cop swerved out in front of me, i had to avoid him and drive into the grassy shoulder. So i pulled over,after he talked to the girl he then came up to me and asked for my license and registration. I didn't say anything to him until he returned to my car with a ticket stating i was doing 138 km/h in a 100 km.

Convo went as:

Officer: I'm giving you a 138 km/h ticket its a $283 fine.
Me: What? ... officer, theres no way i was doing 138
Officer: You were when you pulled into the fast lane following that girl
Me; No, I definately wasn't going faster then 120
Officer: That's still a 3 point offense
Me: I know, Thats my own risk for driving that fast. WHy don't you give me a 120 km/h ticket.
Officer: Because then i'd have to give you a ticket for following here too closely(forget the fine name he said)
Me: How could you of even got me on radar if I was behind her?
Officer: Because we have pacesetting radar, you were following her very closely. Which means you were doing the same speed, she has the exact same ticket you have. have a good day.

I know for a fact i wasn't doing over 120 km/h so i don't get how he can give me a ticket for 138. I'm definitely fighting this ticket but what are your thoughts on it?
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umm, Pacesetting radar? What a load of BS LOL.
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