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Tint Ticket

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Tint Ticket

Ok, so it happend, I got nailed for a tint ticket about a month ago. It is indeed dark.. and I mean DARRRRKKKK. I have approximately 5% on ALL of my windows sept my windshield which is at 30% GREY tint so needless to say.. windows up... it's damn near impossible to see in. I originally got it as I was a lone female driving weekly from ON to NH and back to see my now husband and I was having troubles with transport trucks so I wanted the privacy. It also keeps my interior hidden as I at any given time could have a lot of money worth of car cleaning supplies and my lap top in it. It ended up helping durastically with my mirgraines as well.
I've had it like this since august of last year, never had a problem as I am more then aware this is an issue with cops as they can't see so 9 times out of ten I'll have the window down before the cop even passes me. I figure respect to them so they don't think I'm hiding anything. The one time I didn't see the cop till the last minute I got nailed.
I'm fighting it. I have a trial date. I told the cop right there I have it for medical reasons I just had to call in for the doctors note. He called bs, said that my tint being the way it was there was no way it would help blah blah blah I just shut my mouth and figured **** it. Next day I got the doctors note for it. I have a history of violent migraines since I was little, been on a prescription for it since I was 6. I can't wear sunglasses as they're to close to my face and only make the headache worse. I've had my eyes checked and everytime they come up 20/20. This tint makes the world of difference for me and theres not a chance in hell I'm removing it. I had to drive the damn thing down to Rhode Island USA for F's sake to get it done as no one around here would do it.
Anyways, with ticket and doctors note in tow I will fight it in court. Any suggestions to help me out?

Also side note... when I got the ticket, the cop told me he had only given one other tint ticket not quite as dark as mine but pretty damn close. When he let me go he then proceeded to follow me all the way to my brothers and when I got out he said he had pictures of said car for me to compare. I told him I never once denied the fact that my cars dark, I am more then aware of it but he wanted to show me these pics so whatever. He then proceeds to take pics of my car then tells me he doesn't have the other pics and leaves. WTF??? I assume it's because he knew I'd be going to court over it so he prolly wanted "evidence" but I never ONCE denied how dark the tint was... why would I in court??? I told him why I have it. If he had taken pics at the scene I could see it but to follow me to my brothers? Isn't this a little odd?
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i feel bad still
but good luck in fighting it..u do have a great opportunity to win this case because of the doctors note
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