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  1. 2012 HONDA PRELUDE Review
  2. is there anybody out there?
  3. What is the difference between a '92 Honda Prelude SI Coupe 2D and an S Coupe 2D?
  4. will a v-tech head would fit on the B20A5?
  5. Is there and difference between the 1989 and 1991 prelude 4ws system?
  6. 1986 Honda prelude 2.0 Si problems with battery and alternator.?
  7. Is it possible to have a JDM car that is not RHD? To be specific an 88 Honda...
  8. what gas mileage does a 4 or 6 cyl honda prelude get?
  9. I have a 1997 Honda Prelude which has a Cylinder #1 Misfire. Any help?
  10. 97 prelude sh exhaust?
  11. f22b 16valve2.2honda engine prelude?
  12. 95 Honda Prelude SI help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????
  13. What's the name of this old Honda Sports Car?
  14. What is faster, prelude or celica?
  15. 1992 Honda Prelude Auto Transmission Problem ?
  16. whats the highest... vtec's mph.and how much does it cost?
  17. Honda Prelude Up Grade?
  18. Does anyone know the radio code for a 97 Honda Prelude?
  19. looking for all nuts and bolts for complete rearend of 95 prelude or where to find
  20. Do most radios fit in a honda prelude?
  21. Can A Hyundai Accent RXS beat a Honda Prelude 96 in a drag race?
  22. I have a 97 Honda Prelude and it stalls pretty frequently. Also it over heats if i...
  23. 1993 Honda Prelude Review?
  24. '98 Honda Prelude Idle Issues ?
  25. 97 prelude f22 dohc mini vtec swap?
  26. Ok I need some help...someone gave me the idea of selling the engine I have?
  27. 1999 Prelude..How much approx. would it cost to put a turbo on it??
  28. Honda prelude where I can find diagrams of the 98 h22 engine and buy parts for it?
  29. what could i do to a 2000 honda civic EX..?
  30. prelude manual transmissions?
  31. My starter sparks when I start my 1993 honda prelude with a 2.3 liter.?
  32. price a 1990 honda? need asking price?
  33. is a honda prelude a chick's car or a chick magnet?
  34. honda prelude tickover/engine light coming on?
  35. What makes a Honda Prelude desirable?
  36. Having a big problem, need help..(DMV)
  37. What manual transmissions will fit my Prelude B21A Engine?
  38. What is a 2000 model vtec prelude like on fuel?
  39. Honda Prelude?
  40. 87 or Premium gas for my 1998 prelude?
  41. difference between prelude s and prelude si?
  42. Where can I buy a Chrome Valve cover for a '92 Prelude?
  43. do u think i shud get a honda prelude or summat else?
  44. What are some cars like the Honda Prelude?
  45. Failed emissions do to high CO. Honda prelude VTEC?
  46. would it be a good idea to buy a honda prelude with 40k on motor but 182k on
  47. Honda prelude rims....?
  48. Does anyone know how many miles per gallon a 1997 Honda Prelude get and how big...
  49. how can i make my 90 prelude si faster?
  50. how much MPG does an '85 Honda Prelude get?
  51. anyone good on carburetors?
  52. Which petrol to use in my prelude??
  53. Is a 1983 Honda Prelude a reliable car?
  54. What's a website based in Canada that sells body and lip kits for Hondas?
  55. I need master key for my 1999 honda prelude only have my valet key how can
  56. is there anything i should know before i install a cltch mastercylinder
  57. Will front seats from a 91 Honda Prelude SR fit in my 91 Honda Civic Si?
  58. Whats the name of the honda that starts with a P?
  59. I want a 1993 Honda Prelude 107k miles has sweet rims and taillights. ...
  60. Prelude wont start after it has been turned off
  61. 96 Civic swap H22A4 99 SH, WIRING Problems HELP!!!!?
  62. 1997 Honda Prelude or 1997 Nissan 240sx?
  63. Whats better 96 Prelude or 98 Civic Hatchback?
  64. 93 Prelude H23 vs 02 Accord Vtec?
  65. Is a 2.5" pod fillter suitable for a 1997 Honda Prelude?
  66. Anyone else that drives a honda get 'bothered' by ricers?
  67. Swaping Engine for Honda Del Sol?
  68. my 98 honda prelude will not shift out of third gear...what is the problem..whole...
  69. i have a honda prelude from the month before they switched to being fuel...
  70. how can I improve the low-end power/acceleration of my 99 prelude SH?
  71. 89 Honda Prelude 2.0si L4 FI won't start?
  72. can u put a 97 H22A prelude engine in a 99 civic EX?
  73. I need brakes for my 99 prelude, Is these all i need? see link?
  74. H22A4 in EK hatchback. ECU Problems.?
  75. 86 prelude 275,000kms- New motor or Rebuilt?
  76. I have a 92 Honda Prelude that cranks but wont start. The pump and the...
  77. What are some good, cheap, easy, and reliable mods i can make on a honda prelude?
  78. How do you replace the lower ball joint on a 1992 Honda Prelude?
  79. How many brake pads and calipers?
  80. I want a blue-ish white color for my headlights. i drive a honda prelude. what
  81. Honda Prelude (bumper lamp) Fog replacement
  82. any one looking for 92 honda prelude?
  83. i have a 1984 honda prelude keeps getting gas in oil can you tell me what's wrong
  84. Honda prelude 92'?
  85. Replacing a Honda Prelude Tail Light Gasket
  86. how do i get my 95 honda prelude to start?
  87. can a honda prelude be converted to rear wheel drive?
  88. is a white 1992 honda prelude that is in good condition worth 7000 aud?
  89. Is a 95 Honda Prelude S a good starting platform?
  90. Can a 95 Honda Prelude S take on a 95 Honda Del Sol Vtec?
  91. I was wondering how hard it would be to swap the 4ws set up into a non
  92. I have an 89 Honda Prelude S. I want to gain some more horsepower. What can
  93. Are there any common problems in a 2000 Honda Prelude?
  94. Tcs Light ????????
  95. i got a 93 prelude all wheel steering 5 speed want to put dohc vtec engine?
  96. Which type of body kit looks best for a 1992 Honda Prelude?
  97. how could i get my sunroof working on my 86 prelude?
  98. What is the top speed for a 1991 Honda Prelude Si?
  99. 92 Prelude Corner lamp stays on???
  100. turbo 94 prelude?
  101. what motor should i go with for my 93 honda prelude?
  102. do honda preludes 92 -96 have height sensitive control valves on the braking system.?
  103. 93 Honda Prelude, will not go into gear while running.?
  104. does DC header make a difference in horsepower and torque for a 1999
  105. Need info on buying a prelude?
  106. What other Honda model is typically faster, better, and last longer than a Mid...
  107. how many qtrs bottles of oil do i need to refill my honda prelude 97, it is
  108. Im gonna look at a honda prelude 97 coupe vtec tomorrow. what should i be
  109. 92 honda prelude won't start when it's cold outside.?
  110. my 1987 prelude stops running when i apply brakes?
  111. What is the best engine that i can put into a 1997 honda prelude??
  112. 1991 prelude erratic idle and bad gas mileage
  113. How much HP does a honda prelude 1993 vtec has?
  114. jdm prelude transmission -> usdm motor?
  115. Are the rotors on a 94 honda prelude pressed on or free floating/?
  116. i got a 1990 prelude with a b21a if i was to get a h23a out of a 92 and up
  117. Can someone tell me where I can find seats for a 1991 Honda Prelude?
  118. can i change engines? will it be a mission?
  119. 1993 Prelude, Automatic Shifts Hard?
  120. Need help with my transmition problem?
  121. I have a 1992 vtec Honda prelude, the problem i have is that i get flat spots in...
  122. 1992 HONDA PRELUDE Si?
  123. wanting to get a fast car for 2,000-3,000?
  124. My 90 Honda Prelude 2.0Si started overheating.. Full coolant.. Wat else could it be?
  126. where can i find a body kit for my 85 honda prelude 2.0 si?
  127. 4th Gen Prelude Cruise Control
  128. will a 97 honda accord f22-b2 engine fit into my 92 honda prelude f22-a1?
  129. Why did Honda stop manufacturing the Prelude?
  130. 1992 accord?
  131. How much would it cost for a Honda Civic Hatchback and B20 engine swap?
  132. how to get broken bolt out of....?
  133. Should a carbon fiber hood be the same color as the body paint?
  134. How reliable and practical if a vehicle would a Honda prelude be?
  135. honda prelude?
  136. What kind of speed sensor should i get for my 1992 Honda Prelude 2.2L?
  137. Where could I find honda prelude door handles for sale besides Ebay?
  138. Looking to buy a Prelude?
  139. My 93 Honda Prelude is not idling, it keep jumping from 3000 rpm to about 1000...
  140. i am stuck in prelude 2 get past the checkpoint and climb up on ice...
  141. what is the number one pistone on a honda pralude 1995 h22?
  142. is it possible? to custom fit a 97 honda prelude front end on a 93 prelude?
  143. 92 prelude wont start after turning off car
  144. honda prelude Question?
  145. Thinking of buying this turbo for my 92 prelude si. I have some questions.?
  146. I just bought a 2001 Honda prelude and i have a question for you guys.?
  147. how do I install a power steering pressure line on a 1990 hinda prelude si 2056
  148. 87 honda prelude after going 100km my car shakes?
  149. Should I sell my car and buy a new one or should I pay 1200 for maintenance...
  150. What engine is in a 92 Prelude Si?
  151. 2001 Honda Prelude VTIR ATTS performance header?
  152. where is the thermostat for a 1993 honda prelude located?
  153. who has a f22a1 engine for sale for a honda prelude 1992 model?
  154. There is a 1999 Honda Prelude w/ 159,773 miles on it. The dealership is
  155. How Do I Convert A Honda Prelude into a Ferrari, Lamobohgini, etc?
  156. Is it okay to use regular gas on a 2001 honda prelude?
  157. Do I need to change my timing belt? 1997 Honda Prelude 85k miles.?
  158. 1997-2001 Honda Prelude Base Types?
  159. Whats the gap for the spark plugs on a 1992 Prelude S 2.2 SOHC?
  160. for a honda prelude 1997 5 speed manual vti-r, at what RPM do you change gears
  161. Upgrades and Mods for Honda Prelude?
  162. ignition problem 1990 Honda prelude?
  163. bypass the 4 wheel steering on a 92 prelude?
  164. buying a 98 prelude?
  165. Honda Prelude 1989 2.0s... turn signals and hazards don't work... where
  166. what does a knock sensor on a 1992 Prelude even do? and is there a way to
  167. How can I fix a check engine light (CEL) in a pre-modified honda prelude?
  168. will a 96 prelude non 4ws rear subframe fit in a 92 prelude 4ws?
  169. I want to replace my 92 Honda Prelude's steel sunroof with a Glass one?
  170. any idea what it would cost to get motor mounts installed in a 96 honda prelude/?
  171. My almost 18 year old is interested in buying his first car. It's a 1988
  172. 1998 honda prelude check engine light is always lit, but sometimes it flashes?
  173. Will these fit?
  174. 89 honda prelude motor timing belt broke?
  175. Honda Prelude Piston help?
  176. how do i make a honda prelude sh realy fast?
  177. hoses beneath throttle body?
  178. honda prelude 91 4ws?
  179. 1992 Honda prelude si?
  180. Will a 1998 Honda Prelude really become a collector car?
  181. will Honda make a new model Prelude? 2008 or later?
  182. How do you step by step take off a 1992 honda prelude SunRoof?
  183. I will be 15 in a few months and looking at getting my own car, a 92 or 93
  184. Is the 1994 honda prelude a good car?
  185. i have a 1998 honda prelude and it has about 120100 miles on it how many more...
  186. Is the 07 civic (couple, EX) faster than a 97 honda prelude (base)? Both automatic?
  187. help with honda prelude automatic gearbox?
  188. What does this mean?
  189. honda prelude help?
  190. sugestions for a 4th gen honda prelude(92-96)?
  191. 1999 honda prelude multi cylinder missfire code?
  192. Wheels for 98 Prelude
  193. Prelude SE and SH?
  194. how much does it cost to fix a broken timing belt on 1992 prelude ???
  195. im looking for a 1993 honda prelude. auto tranny. in sacramento or stockton?
  196. plug and play engine programer for a 2001 honda prelude?
  197. i have a 93 prelude how much will it cost to switch to auto transmission???
  198. when installing a turbo kit..what else is needed?
  199. what could be wrong with my honda prelude?
  200. Prelude owners name what kind and what engine and what year and why you like it...
  201. How many horsepower and how many pounds of torque does a 1998 Honda Prelude have?
  202. Are there any cupholder in a Honda Prelude 1992??
  203. 5th Generation Honda Prelude?
  204. can i put an engine from a 1999 honda prelude motteggi 2.2l into a 1997 honda...
  205. Performance parts for 89 prelude si?
  206. Body Kit for Honda preude?
  207. if i go from a f22a to an f22b in my honda prelude dose any wireing need
  208. 90 Prelude Lights on a 89?
  209. my car is revving itself when its in park jumping between 0 and 3 RPM. what
  210. Is a honda prelude a good first car?
  211. 85 prelude engine swap?
  212. how do i replace a auto gerabox on a honda prelude 2.2 1992?
  213. Honda Prelude Transmission Problems?
  214. how much hp does an h23 have?
  215. Changing my automatic prelude into stick. Want to know which tranny would b
  216. 4WS Light remains on. Is any damage being caused?
  217. What sort of brake system should I use?
  218. 2000 Honda Prelude ABS Light comes and goes! Advice, opinions?
  219. 1990-1989 honda prelude paint colors and codes?
  220. honda prelude?
  221. What is the most rare H-22 engine for Honda preludes?
  222. will gsr blades fit 4th gen prelude?
  223. does anyone know honda preludes?
  224. Anybody need Prelude seats? year 97?
  225. What kind of rims of a 2000 Honda Prelude?
  226. is an 88 prelude alternator compatible with an 88 civic alt?
  227. what is the best civic vtec engine for tuning up?
  228. anyone know a good body kit for my 95 prelude?
  229. Why won't the brake lights on my 1992 Honda Prelude turn off?
  230. I'm thinking about selling my '89 Honda Prelude 2.0 si?
  231. Turning stock 95' accord lx into drag racer/ricer on a real low budget?
  232. Did you miss Prelude to the Dream....?
  233. trying to do a h22a4 into a 1992 f22 prelude?
  234. i have a 98 prelude that idles rough and bogs down in lower gears what
  235. where can i find spec info on 86 preludes?
  236. Our 86 prelude is smoking, can we fix it cost effectively?
  237. shoud i put a k24 in my prelube?
  238. How much will i pay for front brakes in my 99 Honda Prelude?
  239. Prelude owners
  240. I have a 96 prelude with the f22a motor. Does anyone know where i can find a...
  241. 90 prelude.... it rotate but wont start...?
  242. i wanty manual transmission?
  243. 1994 Honda Prelude SI Pistons issue?
  244. Engine swap or rebuild? H22 99' Prelude?
  245. Flippy lights on honda prelude?
  246. 95 prelude valve cover gasket replacement on F22a....should be a peice of cake right?
  247. Why did honda stop making the Prelude?
  248. Honda Prelude F22A1 Valve Clearance Adjustment
  249. Rear Camber on TYPE SH same as BASE?
  250. Differences between the base model and the Type SH.