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  1. Immo decode files - Airbag dumps - Chip tuning files free download
  2. Acura ILX (Detroit 2012)
  3. In recessionary times, Acura looks to synergy, not luxury
  4. 2012 Acura TL SH-AWD
  5. Honda Sees Surprise U.S. Sales Gain
  6. Honda CR-V, Fit EV set to debut at Los Angeles auto show
  7. Honda CR-Z Mugen RR production hopes dashed
  8. 2012 Honda Odyssey Get Completely Redesigned
  9. UK: Honda reveals 2012 Civic pricing and specs
  10. 2012 Acura TSX Special Edition Announced
  11. 97EK B20B Swap //// How to make it vtec??
  12. cool stuff
  13. 1998 Accord EX - Automatic Transmission - Service plan questions
  14. Problem after CV Joint replaced
  15. wheels rubbing please help
  16. Immo off - Chip tuning - Airbag
  17. 98 civic auto gear lever problem!!
  18. 2003 Honda Civic 1.7 CDTi
  19. IHI rb5 turbos? What do you think?
  20. 99-00 rear bench seats wont fit in 96-98 coupe
  21. How does overboring work?
  22. Will EL seats fit into my 96 Civic coupe?
  23. 94 integra question
  24. accord headlights
  25. Clutch Help
  26. good mechanic?
  27. Post here for questions regarding Honda / Acura Parts and Accessories!
  28. Post kijiji deals you find!
  29. Chipping a B18C1 GSR
  30. noob turbo question?
  31. LS and Nitrous. SHOULD I go Vtec?
  32. gas tank
  33. Choke Cable
  34. where to buy a b-series engine for my dx?
  35. B18C Turbo Kits
  36. The Evolution of a Time Attack EG Civic
  37. B18c1 forced induction
  38. suspension help please
  39. 1999 b18c1 fit in a 2001 civic??
  40. bucket seat w/ low max rail 300
  41. 2000 V6 Accord problem
  42. fs: gsr blades aem intake phantom boost gauge and winter tires
  43. Emissions
  44. Adjust valves on 2003 Accord EX V6
  45. 2005 Acura TL
  46. H2B vs B20 VTEC
  47. Is it normal? Side Airbag sign?
  48. Can I install ACURA TL S TYPE Shifter Knob on my EL?
  49. 2008 Honda Civic Si Cluster/Tachometer RPM Gauge *Red*
  50. b16 a3 engine for sale, no tranny.
  51. Advice Seeked: Buying Car In Dash DVDPlayer with GPS?
  52. civic si d16 engine
  53. LSD quick ask
  54. supercharger or turbo
  55. Need help enigine swap
  56. B18A1 in 98 civic si
  57. High Compression + NOS VS Low Compression W Turbo (((B18C1)))
  58. Acura Integra 90 Looking for front bumper
  59. new tail lights or new headlights?
  60. xtd clutch?
  61. B18c gsr troubleshooting plz help
  62. 1998 civic LX needs a new cat converter
  63. Worried to drive b/c of shakes, but need to, please help!
  64. question about short shifters
  65. anyone selling a bodykit for a 93 honda civic coupe?
  66. 2003 accord v6 diagnostics code P0300(random cylinder misfire)
  67. New Radiator
  68. locating exedy clutch retailer
  69. Honda Accord 2005 Customizing
  70. OBD1 motor on OBD0 chassis
  71. Sellling as is acura tsx o4 !!!!!
  72. smashed!!!!!
  73. Making Plans, Need opinions
  74. K or H/F series swap in 2000 SIR
  75. what is my car worth??? 93 acura integra
  76. civic over heating...
  77. 1998 honda si vtec 1.6litre help
  78. F/S Apple iphone 3gs 32gb:290usd,HTC Touch pro 2:220usd
  79. VAFC Not Working
  80. block gaurd
  81. help with raer stereo rack
  82. Yonaka Seats question. Also any pics of them in EG?
  83. whining noise
  84. B20 Intake Manifold
  85. will rsx shocks and spring fit in 2001 honda civic sedan
  86. Civic Emissions help
  87. ek front forks fit on my EG
  88. leaking tranny fluid
  89. K24 Frankenstien Swap
  90. HOW-TO: Mirror Removal & Paint + Wiper Arms
  91. 03 v6 ACCORD question
  92. 4 bolt 17" rims?
  93. I need some vtech stickers
  94. 2 Questions
  95. Motion Custom Car Show Pictures
  96. B&M fuel pressure regulator
  97. looking for my new to me car .
  98. No heat!
  99. what are these wheels?
  100. Rust question
  101. HID/Bright white bulbs/wheel spacer
  102. JDM Stainless Steel Catback exhaust for 1999-2003 Acura TL
  103. need info for F22b engine in 92 accord exr
  104. Lowering the GSR
  105. 97 Civic stalling out when stopping
  106. 97 CRV SRS Light
  107. Where did you get your engine?
  108. F22B (2.2L DOHC NON-VTEC 160 hp).engine specs
  109. going insane
  110. 2001 Honda Accord Transmission problem
  111. 2000 Accord VTEC Fuel issue ?
  112. 99 civic turbo manifold
  113. Does this sound like an ECU problem?
  114. oil getting dirty to quickly
  115. swapping y7 to y8
  116. Some years ago Honda tried something called a "Stratified engine"?
  117. Looking 4 a decent 1.6 civic for a good price
  118. If i have a obd1 car and swap a obd2 motor in it will it still pass emissions?
  119. skunk2 control arms
  120. Hood Deflector for 2004 EL
  121. Performance shop in hamilton!
  122. Ef
  123. Brembo On my Honda
  124. F22 Tranny sycro spring ring Help
  125. what is address of deccan honda showroom in pimpri-chinchwad?
  126. relay location
  127. 2000 Honda SIR brake and suspension
  128. ls or b16 tranny
  129. Best Performance shop in GTA?
  130. JDM HKS Damper Coilover
  131. Winter tire ????????
  132. Crappy reception ???
  133. 92 Accord Manual Transmission Problem
  134. Muffler question
  135. Will 195/50R15 tires/rims work on my 2005 Civic Hybrid?
  136. Does anyone here know about JDM? If so does anyone know how to install a jdm
  137. did karizma release its new model 300cc?
  138. Is there a monthly charge for the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System?
  139. crashed honda broken cv shaft
  140. 1988 Honda Accord - I have a question about a voltage regulator???...?
  141. timing belt
  142. what could i get
  143. ineed help honda?
  144. ysk 1
  145. 2005 Civic Si Brakes?
  146. $1500 Honda?
  147. Rider lawn mower problem! Got new belts, and only dose one speed?
  148. 4th gen Ef front lips?
  149. how many thermastates..????
  150. What's this Honda part called in english?
  151. will a h22a vtec head fit on a f22a block?
  152. I Need To Know good Type Of Honda To Buy.?
  153. exhaust pipe glows orange quick after start up, is this normal?
  154. how to keep honda tramnsmissions from breaking differentials?
  155. i need some suggestions, how do i convince my stepdad into letting me keep a honda
  156. rebuild kits
  157. A Basic Introduction.....
  158. i installed car alarm system in my car and now my car does not start either
  159. What do I do? (serious answers only please)?
  160. Looking for a B18A block and head also installation for decent $$$
  161. how nuch horse power will i get for a d16 swap to a b18?
  162. Where do I enter emissions code on Honda.com? ?
  163. i have a b16a2 and i dont have a tranny for it...i was wondering if i can
  164. what does it mean to "boost" an engine?
  165. need dyno tune for friday
  166. i lost my service book from honda, can i get a replacement?
  167. i have a b20 engine with a b16 trany... how can i make this faster?
  168. what is a good four stroke dirtbike?
  169. where can i find white rims?
  170. Are OEM car accessories the same as Genuine accessories?
  171. can i install a aluminum radiator to non turbo car?
  172. 2000 sir
  173. Was too much oil added to the car?
  174. how can i tall if is a skunk2 pro1 camshaft?
  175. how to blow a car fuse?
  176. would using certain oil grades affect vtec?
  177. whats this cluck sound?....
  178. This is the world's most expensive and fastest production car ever made
  179. what makes a cold air intake illegal?
  180. where do honda sidemarkers go?
  181. What are all the cars that a D16Z6 Engine will fit into?
  182. 2003 Civic failed the NOx..
  183. H22 crankshaft mains install problem ?
  184. I broke the tire pressure monitor systems (TPMS) attached to the wheels...
  185. SRS lights?
  186. who would like to buy my rims?
  187. 3k budget => EG or EK hatch?
  188. Toyota Canry 91 Hydraulic cyllinder?
  190. white smoke coming out of car exhaust?
  191. 97 Honda Accord - check engine light is on and...?
  192. what happens when the fuel filter goes bad?
  193. Looking for reliable Honda service vs dealership which is expensive;?
  194. What do You think? honda?
  195. about my honda roof - more details?
  196. Can an automatic civic ex use vtec like the SI?
  197. Type S Spoiler
  198. eg swap price?
  199. mods for a prelude?
  200. where can i get a good collection of hero honda mag wheels (alloy wheels)?
  201. I am currently driving a GMC yukon XL, I have 3 kids so I need the space, I...
  202. The engine output for a 1998 Honda Odyssey 2.3 V-tech e.g. Power in KW at...
  203. I have a 91 Infiniti G20. When I start taking off it sounds like a...
  204. Flywheel chatter or valve chatter?
  205. b20 turbo
  206. radiator related help needed.
  207. 95 Civic- auto trans harsh shift all gears
  208. Few modifications for my Acura EL 2004
  209. is a 2002 civic ex sedan a good car?
  210. Is a Civic Hybrid with 83,000 worth getting?
  211. how to reset "maint req'd" light of2005 civic,after changing the engine oil?
  212. Thinking of buying a 2008 CRV, does anyone have an 07' or 08' and do they like it?
  213. do you have to have internet on a sidekiick lx phone or do you not?
  214. 94 honda civic1.6L vtech engine, needs new exhaust, but i dont want the
  215. b16 turbo
  216. Were is the vtec solenoid in a d16y8?
  217. Omni Power Suspension
  218. Looking for a Good looking dependable car in O.C/$2000 NEED IT ASAP ...
  219. MOMO Steering Wheel Install DC2
  220. Radiator Fan Malfunctioning
  221. does a PERFORMANCE CHIP and gas saver chip really work?? or is it just a
  222. Help with Fault code - P0141 (O2 Sensor Heater Fault)
  223. Whats better to turbo zc sohc or d16z6?
  224. 96 Integra Question
  225. Need Honda lip kits
  226. need some parts
  227. HID Conversion Lights...
  228. looking for a p28
  229. Looking for a mechanic in scar for my civic
  230. timing belt
  231. Is Honda a reliable and durable car
  232. How can I contact Honda Japan through email?
  233. which one is honda city latest model? plz tell me!
  234. Where can i get these Katana rims for $700 or less with tires in Los Angeles area.
  235. What is better in a honda civic '99 hatchback? B18c (GSR) or the B16A2?
  236. can i put a supercharger on a 2002 honda civic?
  237. Which is better for a 1994 Honda Civic: Turbo or Supercharger?
  238. hey i have a cold air intake and full exhaust system would headers be the best...
  239. Honda motivation method?
  240. can a performance chip help gas mileage?
  241. why do people think honda and toyota are so great
  242. Need Help On The Timing Belt
  243. how much would it cast to tune up 92 civic hb?
  244. location of Pilot evap canister?
  245. How well does a hybrid hold up based on 30k miles per year?
  246. what can i add to my honda civic to make it pick up faster?
  247. Transmission Jerk and Clunk while reverese
  248. Auto Transmission Clunk and Jerk
  249. 95 Honda Civic EX Wont Crank, Please Help
  250. quick crx question